Q: Why don’t you provide rationales/explanations/motivations for your bets? A: Mainly two reasons. Firstly, a big share of our bets rely on our unique network which we for natural reasons won’t share with the rest of the market. Our sources are legit, legal and valuable, and therefore we like to keep them and their information as secret as possible. Secondly, our tipsters work hard to create models/approaches to beating the lines and by motivating our picks we feel a huge part of the edge and value risks to disappear. Simply, the longer we have an edge, the longer will also our customer have one. “Sharing is caring” and we want to share our picks with you customers for a long time to come.

Q: How do you calculate a MarketBeat? A: MarketBeaters take the average odds from the five biggest asian bookies. When we got that number we compare it with the sent out odds. Example: Greed sends out Atletico Madrid +0.5 at 2.14 facing Real Madrid away. It closes at a average of 1.92. Is it a MarketBeat? Yes, how big? 22 points. We're saving the MarketBeat as 0.22.

Q: When do your tipsters post betting tips? A: Our tipsters operates 24/7.

Q: OK! But why don't you have preset sending times when I'll get my betting tips like a few other services? A: MarketBeaters don't want to limit our betting tips to a single time every day or once a week. We want to bring you betting tips whenever info comes up or when XI's are out. That is why MB's tipsters ROI is much higher compared with other services. And return on invested money is what this business is all about.

Q: I was not fast enough and missed out Greed's odds. What to do? A: When our betting tips hits your smartphones prices might drop drastically because the market gets sharp money on one side. But don't panic, the market often levels out and you might find the recommended odds later on.

Q: I'm wondering what happens if there is a goal right when a live bet is placed or right after. Is the bet voided or does it stand? A: Since there will be live bets that are recommended by our tipsters, we will have our own danger zone which will be applied to each of the recommended betting tips. After a betting tip has been sent out, the betting tip will be in the danger zone for one (1) minute. If there is a penalty, red card or a goal during the one minute time frame, the recommendation will be annulled, regardless of which team that scores, receives a penalty against them or has a player sent off. This is all for the client's convenience, so that you will be able to bet on the betting tips in time and to avoid possible obscurities.